What are the benefits of switching from the previous Safety Eyeglass Company to The Handel Company?
Greg McGraw, President of The Handel Company, has over 26 years experience in the industrial eyewear field. The new program allows you to have your safety glasses needs handled on-site on a regular basis or through a network of area Dispensers.

Why implement the On-Site Vision Acuity Screening Program?
It’s a fact that a minimum of 20% of a company’s workforce is vision-deficient. Safety and accuracy is a keystone of our company. Your need to produce the best products in a safe environment is what our company’s all about.

What is the difference between a “vision screening” and an eye exam?
The vision screening determines if an eye exam from an eye doctor is recommended. The vision screening can be compared to the vision screening at the BMV when you apply for a driver’s license, but at a much higher level. The vision screening is performed by Licensed Opticians of The Handel Company.

What is visual acuity?
Visual acuity often is referred to as “Snellen” acuity. The chart and the letters are named for a 19th century Dutch ophthalmologist Hermann Snellen who created them as a test of visual acuity. Visual acuity refers to the clarity or clearness of one’s vision, a measure of how well a person sees.

What does 20/20 eyesight mean?
The reason that the number “20” is used in visual acuity measurements is because it’s the standard length of an eye exam room (that is, the distance from the patient to the acuity “eye” chart) is about 20 feet. If the bottom number is lower in the visual acuity ratio, the better the acuity! Therefore, 20/15 acuity is better than 20/20 acuity and 20/30 acuity is worse than 20/20.

What costs will the employee be responsible for when they order prescription safety glasses?
Any amount over the company- paid subsidies is the responsibility of the employee. Any charges above the subsidies may be paid through cash, check, credit card, or payroll deduction (if available).

How will the employee know what they are responsible for?
It’s easy. The Dispenser will show the employee what the company subsidy pay for. If a more expensive frame and/or lens treatment (transitions, anti-reflective coating, progressive lenses) is selected, the employee is responsible for the difference.

It works this way- The dispenser will add up everything the employee wants. If the amount is equal to or lower than the subsidy, nothing is owed. If the amount exceeds the subsidy, the employee is responsible for the difference between what the company offers and what extras wanted. And if any monies are owed, the employee will be told right then what the amount is. No surprises.

When will the safety glasses be ready?
After the initial program implantation, a representative from the Handel Company will return to your facility to dispense newly ordered safety glasses that were ordered. The company will notify employees when the Handel representative will be on site to dispense and adjust the new safety glasses.

What happens if an employee needs their safety glasses adjusted or has a new prescription?
If a maintenance program is selected, a Handel representative will be on-site at whatever interval is set up to take new orders and service your employee’s safety glasses. For adjustments or if an employee has a new prescription to be filled between visits, they may visit any of the Handel Dispenser locations. A list of dispenser locations will be provided and updates lists will occasionally be emailed out. Remember than an employee will need to pick up an authorization form from program administrator if the company is paying anything toward a new pair of glasses or a repair prior to visiting one of the Handel Company Dispensers.


    No matter your personal style, The Handel Company offers frames that can fit you. All of our frames meet ANSI Z87 specifications including breakage, flame retardation, and lens retention. Also, lenses must meet certain standards regarding thickness, breakage, and penetration. Lenses and frames that pass these standards, will have all required markings and will meet or exceed all standards set by OSHA. If you are interested in a certain frames that meet the above specifications and are not listed in our collection of styles, we will gladly order for disbursement at a dispenser.

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    The Handel Company is affiliated with 36 local Dispensers who have been contracted to service safety eyewear needs for employees who can’t avail themselves of the on site services. A list of Dispensers will be posted and is available through the program administrator at each company. These Dispensers have been carefully selected to insure that whatever your employees’ safety eyewear needs might be, they’ll be handled in a courteous and professional manner. Through these Dispensers safety eyewear may be ordered, repaired and adjusted. There’s never a charge for services rendered. If, however, your company will be paying for a new pair of safety eyewear or a frame repair, you do need to see program administrator for an authorization form.

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    We believe safety glasses are just as important, if not more so, than any tool. Safety and precision are critical in meeting your goals. We believe employees need to be better informed about the best safety eyewear to help meet these goals. To achieve your goals, we recommend a combination on-site program coordinated with our dispenser program.

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