The Handel Company was founded by Lee Handel in 2003 but had been providing safety eyewear since 1973 when a need for prescription safety eyewear emerged. Lee and his close knit staff have worked very hard to implement an occupational eyewear safety program that is tailored to each company’s personal needs. Lee was a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87 committee that writes the standards for industrial safety glasses.

In 2012, after Lee’s retirement, The Handel Company was taken over by Licensed Optician, Greg McGraw. Greg has been with the Handel Company since its start and has been practicing in total for over 27 years. Greg and his staff service all of Northeast Ohio by offering high quality personal protective safety eyewear. Every staff member is a Licensed Optician through the State of Ohio and they have all worked together for 20+ years. The Handel Company is truly one of a kind and is as unique as the man who founded the company.


    No matter your personal style, The Handel Company offers frames that can fit you. All of our frames meet ANSI Z87 specifications including breakage, flame retardation, and lens retention. Also, lenses must meet certain standards regarding thickness, breakage, and penetration. Lenses and frames that pass these standards, will have all required markings and will meet or exceed all standards set by OSHA. If you are interested in a certain frames that meet the above specifications and are not listed in our collection of styles, we will gladly order for disbursement at a dispenser.

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    The Handel Company is affiliated with 36 local Dispensers who have been contracted to service safety eyewear needs for employees who can’t avail themselves of the on site services. A list of Dispensers will be posted and is available through the program administrator at each company. These Dispensers have been carefully selected to insure that whatever your employees’ safety eyewear needs might be, they’ll be handled in a courteous and professional manner. Through these Dispensers safety eyewear may be ordered, repaired and adjusted. There’s never a charge for services rendered. If, however, your company will be paying for a new pair of safety eyewear or a frame repair, you do need to see program administrator for an authorization form.

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    We believe safety glasses are just as important, if not more so, than any tool. Safety and precision are critical in meeting your goals. We believe employees need to be better informed about the best safety eyewear to help meet these goals. To achieve your goals, we recommend a combination on-site program coordinated with our dispenser program.

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